Oct 4, 2019
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World Smile Day – Everything You Need to Know

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Smiling at someone is one of the easiest ways to brighten up their day. Giving or receiving smiles is always free and can be done in a jiffy. If you smile at someone who needs it or someone smiles at you when you need it, the world becomes a more positive place to live in. To celebrate the positive smile brings in our lives you should read on for everything you need to know about World Smile Day and celebrate it on October 4th every year. 

World Smile Day – Everything You Need to Know

The History

Harvey Ball is credited with creating a circle with a few dots and an upturned curve. Soon, the smiley symbol became so popular that people associate with it and use it daily in emoji form or even graffiti. Harvey was concerned that it might lose its original intent and meaning due to its commercialization. So, he created the World Smile Day that is devoted to spreading joy and love to people regardless of their race, age, gender or geographic location. 

How to Celebrate World Smile Day

Though Harvey passed away in 2001, his legacy of spreading smiles goes on. Here you can know how to celebrate World Smile Day as we have mentioned some simple tips to celebrate World Smile Day. 

Donate: You can help the underprivileged people by donating anything you have in excess be it clothes or shoes. 

Volunteer: If you have nothing pricey to donate, volunteer for a good cause, and donate your time and effort. 

Shower People with Compliments: Help people around you smile by showering them with real compliments that help make their day amazing. 

Music Makes the Day: If you really care about someone and want to help them smile, create a Spotify playlist for them (a few years back, we had to make do with mixed CDs). 

Do a Chore: Make a family member or housemate smile by doing one of their chores. It could be anything from doing laundry or watering the garden. 

Renew Your Relations: Call up an old friend or a long lost relative and connect with them. If the affection is real and still there, it will make both of you smile. 

Share a Hug: Share a hug with someone you care about just because you want to spread smiles. Keep it warm and lighthearted. 

Give a Gift: If you like giving gifts to make people smile, now’s the time to do it. The monetary value of the gift shouldn’t matter so you can create one on your own too (like a smiley card). 

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