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Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling Services

Losing a job due to an accident or severe injury can have a lasting impact on the minds of people. If you are also among such individuals, then you ought to consider taking help from Laura M. Wilson & Associates Inc.’s vocational rehabilitation services.

Vocational Rehabilitation counselor services

The Process

As a part of our vocational rehabilitation counseling services, the below-mentioned process will be followed:


In this stage, our vocational rehabilitation counselor will hold one on one sessions with you to judge your physical and mental condition. We will try to understand your perspective on getting a new job and restarting your career.


Once we have an idea about your mindset in the counseling sessions, we will organize several tests and interviews to judge your existing vocational skills and abilities. The results of these tests will enable us to help you choose the right career option for you.

Transferable Skill Analysis

One of our vocational rehabilitation counselors in CA will also do a transferable skills analysis, if needed, to find out what transferable skills you acquired as a part of the job or life that can be used in your next job. Examples of such skills include organizational skills, negotiation skills, etc.

Labor Market and School Research

By now, you would have an idea about what career attracts you and what skills/training you need to pursue that career. So, at this stage, we will help you choose the right school, college, or institution that will train, re-skill, or impart new skills to you.


After you have enrolled in a training or skill enhancement course, we will hold regular sessions with you to monitor your progress. Our experts will evaluate how fast you are learning, seek potential problems that you might be facing and resolve them to ensure that you have a smooth learning curve.

Vocational Research

In this stage, we will assist you in choosing the right education or skill training for you that will enable you to hone your skills, abilities, and interests. It will ensure that you get trained on the skills needed to do a job you love or a career path you want to rejoin or explore.

Plan Development

Once you are sure about which course/ training you need to restart your career, our experts will help you to create a plan to get a job you think you will love. At this stage, we can help you to build a resume and teach you job-hunting skills so that you can put forward your skills and abilities to the right employers at the right time and place.

Job Placement

In this last stage, our experts will work as a support system to help you get a job you want. We can do everything from motivating you to ease your nervousness during an interview to conduct dummy interview sessions to ensure that you become more confident in your skills, abilities, and capabilities.

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