At Laura M. Wilson & Associates Inc., a Transferable Skills Analysis Assessment is done to help people know about the transferable skills they acquired in a job or life.

Transferable Skills Analysis Assessment

Transferable skills are skills that you learn either through day to day living or via employment. Examples of such skills include organizational skills, time management skills, etc. You can learn these skills while delivering an office project or while organizing a sports event for your neighborhood kids.

These skills are particularly essential with regard to vocational rehabilitation counseling because when a counselor knows your skills, he or she will be able to help you showcase your skills, develop new ones and get a job again.

Understanding Transferable Skills Analysis

Transferable Skills Analysis or TSA is organized to know which skills you have acquired through education and which were imparted as a result of life experiences. Our experts might use questionnaires and quizzes or puzzles to analyze the skills you have.

The questions could be as simple as what are your interests? What do you want to do in your spare time? Or If you could turn your hobby into a full-time job, what would it be? The questions might also pertain to your previous jobs, like whether you liked the job? Which aspects of the job you loved most? Or What elements did you dislike?

What Next?

After the analysis is done, the counselor would have an idea about your education, transferable skills, earning, aptitude, work preferences, and the physical demands of your education, among other things. Then the counselor would help you in identifying your dream job, a potential occupation, workplaces that hire for that occupation, the payout for the job you are eligible for, the work environment, the education and skills needed, and where you can acquire those skills.


Laura M Wilson & Associates Inc. is Perfect for TSA?

You need to consider Laura M. Wilson & Associates Inc. and the TSA performed by our experts because we understand that re-entering the job market or re-educating as an adult, especially after you have had a considerable break, can be quite challenging. We do our best to make things easier for you.

It is also smart to trust us because we work closely with each person and create custom-made solutions for them, be it creating a questionnaire or organizing counseling sessions. We also provide all the tools needed to make things easier for you, be it a list of schools offering a relevant course or helping you plan the expenses. The most important reason for trusting us is the emotional support we provide from the day you walk into our office to the day you return to work.

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