Nov 25, 2018

Why Work with a Vocational Return to Work Counsellor?

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Losing one’s job due to an injury or accident can have terrible consequences for a person. In such situations, taking the advice of vocational return to work counselor can be a good option. Such people are experts in helping people restart their careers and life after an incident and motivate them to do better. If you are wondering why to work with a vocational return to work counselor, then you might find the right answer below.

Benefits of Working with a Vocational Return to Work Counsellor

Negotiation Abilities

Taking the help of an expert is necessary if you are not good at negotiation as these experts can negotiate the best possible return to work accommodations with an employer.


Vocational return to work counselors can educate employers regarding any obligation they might have for workplace accommodation as per any law.

Ease the Return Process

Vocational return to work counselors can also ease the return to work process by letting you decide whether you should return to work as you are or whether you need to re-educate yourself in order to do the previous job better or do another more suitable job in the previous organization.

Job Modification Suggestions

In many cases, the experts can also offer suggestions on how an existing job can be modified to suit the abilities of a person.

Availing Expert Services

The vocational return to work counselors can also help you to avail the expertise of specialists who can help with your physical or mental recovery. Examples of such experts include personal trainers, counselors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, etc.

Financial Assistance

Vocational return to work counselors can also help you in finding the right financial assistance for the time you are not doing a job. They can also help you get funding for specialists’ treatment or even help in securing funds for your education.

What Next?

It is hoped that by now you would have realized the crucial role played by a vocational return to work counselors and you are thinking of availing the services of one of such experts. If so, you should contact the offices of Laura M Wilson & Associates. We have several skilled vocational return to work counselors who will be willing to help you in any possible way by listening to you, understanding your situation and then providing an appropriate solution. To book an appointment with such counselors, call us now.

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