Aug 10, 2019

What are the Goals of a Transferable Skills Analysis?

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Alex was a hard worker who loved his job but had to take some time off due to family responsibilities. Someone told him to try Transferable Skills Analysis before looking for a new job, and he is confused. He doesn’t have an idea about what transferable skills analysis is and how can it help him find a new job. 

If you are in a similar situation as Alex, it’s time you know what transferable skills analysis is and what are the goals of a transferable skills analysis. 

What is Transferable Skills Analysis?

In simple words, Transferable Skills Analysis is an assessment of a person’s skills, knowledge, abilities, interests, and passions. This assessment helps determine which skills a person has and which of them can help a person become employable. 

Key Goals of Transferable Skills Analysis

Listing All the Skills

The first goal of TSA should be to list all your skills, be it your skills in the garden or your time management skills. Sometimes people don’t even realize that they are skilled at something or that a day to day task like negotiating with a fruit vendor can be used as a negotiation skill during a job. 

Deciding the Job Opportunities

Once the skills and abilities are mapped, TSA should help you decide which of the skills can be used for what kind of jobs. Usually, you will have many career options to choose from. Do it wisely and pick a job that you would love to do (not just one that pays more). 

Boosting Your Confidence

Another goal of TSA should be to boost your confidence. People who have been out of jobs of a while often think that they are good for nothing or they failed in life. Looking at a list of skills or abilities they possess should help them realize their worth and boost their self-confidence.

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