The team of Laura M. Wilson & Associates Inc. that offers a return to work assistance in the form of services like Vocational Rehabilitation Services California has expanded recently. We thank two new members of our team, Jennifer and Koritza, for joining us. We just have one question for them, are you ready to fall in love with your new job and help your teammates be excellent? 

Welcome Aboard: Laura M. Wilson & Associates’ Family Expands

Welcome Aboard: Laura M. Wilson & Associates’ Family Expands

The current employment situation and the response/feedback of our existing clients motivated us to take this step, and we are glad that we shortlisted you two out of numerous applicants. You totally deserve to be a part of our team because we see the fire in you, the fire to help people reach their employment goals by upgrading their skills and boosting their overall health. We are sure you will do a great job every single day, and we hope that you stick with us for long!

As diligence, self-motivation and constant commitment to doing the best for the clients who need our help or services like Vocational Rehabilitation Services California is our goal; you will find that chasing this goal will be fulfilling to you as a person. Yes, you can find immense happiness in helping others and seeing them succeed. We work towards it every day!

As we have an open-door policy at Laura M. Wilson and Associates Inc., know that you can come to Laura any time for any issues. She is the best boss you can hope for because she makes time for you and helps you improve and enhance your valuable skills. In case she is not in the office or a session, you can always reach out to other team members. You won’t be judged, but you will get unconditional help for as long as you need it. 

We understand that people take time to adjust to new jobs and new atmosphere so we won’t pressure you to perform. Instead, take your time to learn how we do everything, be it offering counselling to rendering Vocational Rehabilitation Services California and learn from it. There’s always something happening at the office so you’ll never be bored. 

We know that we are lucky to have so, and it boosts our excitement! Welcome again and Good Luck!