The process of returning to work after a workplace injury is not easy. Seeking the help of an expert offering Vocational Rehabilitation Services California is often needed to ensure that you develop or enhance your self-confidence and get back to a job that you can do easily. 

If you are toying with the idea of seeking the assistance of an expert and you want to know how the process works, then you are on the right webpage. Here we have mentioned the crucial steps that are followed to make the vocational rehabilitation a success. Always remember that the time needed to follow all these steps can vary from a few weeks to a few years. It differs from one case to the other. 

Vocational Rehabilitation Services California:

Key Steps


You need to start the process by applying with an organization that helps people in this regard. Though there are many organizations, do some internet research to find the best one. In the application, you may need to mention the entire story behind why you stopped the work and why do you want to return to work. So, choose your words carefully and don’t dwell on negative thoughts. 

Intake Appointment

In case the expert offering Vocational Rehabilitation Services California thinks that you are eligible for their help, they will set up an intake appointment with you. The time you spend with one or more people during this appointment holds a lot of value as they will be deciding on whether they can help you or not. Again, being positive and self-confident are the keys here. 


Once your application is accepted, and the intake appointment goes smoothly, the experts will call you again on a specific date and time for the orientation process. The orientation process would familiarize you with how they plan to help you with your rehabilitation and would mention a few things you need to work on to increase the chances of success. 


After the orientation process is over, the experts will make use of several assessment tools like tests, questionnaires, etc. to assess your soft and hard skills. Don’t fear these tests but prepare for them for going over what you know. Also, try not to be dishonest as your future job prospects will depend on the honesty of the answers you give. 

Individualized Plan for Employment 

Once your assessment results are out, the experts at Vocational Rehabilitation Services California will analyze the results and create an IPE or Individualized plan for employment for you. The plan would include whether you need to upgrade your skills or not, whether you need to be prepped for interviews or not, or whether you need counseling from a vocational counselor or not, among other things. 

Employment Services Provided

If you complete the skills development courses or training, the experts will help you to find perfect employment options to you. You will be assisted in finding relevant job openings, appearing for interviews, upgrading your resume, and negotiating your terms with the prospective employer. All this will help increase your chances of getting the job. 

Employment Success

At this stage, you would have found a relevant job and return to work with the help of experts. The experts will help you prepare for the orientation at the company, and offer advice on how you can adjust in the workplace, work with different people, and keep your self-confidence intact. 


As true experts believe in your happiness and success, they will follow up with you after a few days or weeks to know how you are doing in your new job. Feel free to share your experiences, no matter how good or bad with the experts. True experts will be delighted to help you make the work environment better and get success in the work you do!

File Closed

After sufficient follow-ups are done, experts will close your file after getting your agreement. If the file is closed, you can still contact the experts to help you whenever you want. A closed file never means that the experts forget you. 

Need Help? Get it!

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