Dec 28, 2019
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Vocational Rehabilitation Services Benefits Disabled People

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Vocational Rehabilitation Services are a boon for disabled people. It can help them in many ways. Some of the top ways by which Vocational Rehabilitation Services Benefits disabled people are listed here. Read on and compare which ones are ideal for you. 

Vocational Rehabilitation Services Benefits Disabled People

The Personalized Assessment

When you opt for Vocational Rehabilitation Services California, a personal assessment of your particular disability or disabilities would be done to determine whether VR will be able to help you or not. Remember, if your disability will never let you return to work, there is no point in pursuing VR. 

Relearning Options

If you are eligible for VR and are deemed able to return to work, you will be presented with various training or educational programs that will help you to re-learn existing skills or learn new ones.

Focus on Physical and Mental Rehabilitation

A Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor will work with you to ensure your physical and mental rehabilitation. He or she will coordinate with your medical team to know about your physical recovery and might also talk to the person looking after your mental health to ensure that you are mentally and physically strong enough to survive a job. 

Other Assistance Services

At the time when you are getting ready to return to work, the VR counselor would work hard to get you the tools you need to succeed. For instance, if you need financial assistance to get re-trained, it will be provided, and you might also get reader services if you are blind or an interpreter if you are deaf. 

Job Guidance

During the vocational rehabilitation process, you will also get job guidance in the form of job counseling, interview preparation, and even referral services in some cases. All of it will boost your confidence and would help you to get a job again. 

After the Job Support

You will likely get some support even after you get the job and return to work. A VR counselor would follow up with you to know how comfortable you are in the new job. The follow-up calls might continue until the counselor is sure that you can manage independently. 

Get Started Now!

If you are convinced that vocational rehabilitation services benefit disabled people, and you need to get in touch with an excellent vocational Rehabilitation Counselor CA, you can trust the team of Laura M. Wilson and Associates Inc. We have the right qualifications, skills, attitude and experience to help people with disabilities who want to return to work with VR assistance, Call us for a free consult now. 


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