Leah worked as a software developer. When her sitting job led to back problems, she had to seek a Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit (SJDB) Voucher. Her doctor had recommended that she should try to stick to the previous job and ensure that she didn’t work such long hours. She requested her employer to give her another job offer with flexible work hours and lighter workloads. The employer offered her a job with the hours that were suitable but refused to pay more than 60 percent of the salary she was getting previously. 

As Leah was confident that she could find another, better offer by upgrading her skills at a Top Vocational Training Institute California, she decided to refuse the offer and seek other options. As her employer had failed to offer a job with at least 85 percent of the previous salary, she was eligible for a Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits Voucher California and applied for it as soon as her health allowed. She demonstrated patience throughout the whole process and used the voucher to re-skill and re-train herself as a technical author. It allowed her to work from home and on her own conditions. She is happily working in a new role, taking care of her health and earning a good income. 

If you want to achieve professional success again as Leah did, you need to learn how to use Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit California smartly. We recommend the following three options that have helped Leah and countless others to return to work after an injury or workplace accident. 

Get Admission at the Right School

Know about the vocational training institutions in your area that participate in an SJDB program and apply for a course you like best. You are free to spend the entire amount, USD 6,000 for this. 

Buy a Laptop/ Computer Device

It is smart to save up to USD 1,000 to buy a laptop or computer device that can aid you in your learning and make things easier when you return to work too. You can get a value for money laptop by spending USD 800 and save USD 200 at this stage. 

Seek the Help of a Vocational Counselor

You also need help and guidance as far as dealing with government agencies or form filling is concerned. For that, you can approach a vocational counselor like Laura M. Wilson, who can help you to make the return to work process easier. In addition to helping you get the benefits you deserve; a vocational counselor would help you to choose the right alternate career, foresee the challenges and deal with them and help you land a new job. 

If you make use of this strategy to return to work, you will be able to get a new job in a short amount of time without adjusting or compromising on your dreams of having a fulfilling job role and a flourishing career again. Call us for a free consult and let us help you!

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