Feb 14, 2019
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True Love is More Than Just A Romance – Valentine’s Day Special

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Valentine’s Day is a special day for new romances, but for relationships in particular that have sustained the test of time, this day is just like any other day. Every day is a valentine’s day in its own which was the true intention of Saint Valentine, after whom the occasion is named. Most of the general opinion presents love based on attraction to another person. But the ones who have been in a relationship for a long time and still love the other person with the same intensity, know that it is truly about intimacy. Here are all things a strong relationship filled with true love is but romance.

It is Effortless with Mutual Respect

Intimacy, attraction to one another is always effortless. When one truly loves the other person, they don’t need to spice things up but instead have fun being with them always. Even more important is their mutual respect for each other. It is when you respect each others’ need for space yet be close like no one is. When there is enough space for individual growth, things are easier and effortless.

Acceptance and Selflessness

Acceptance comes when you love the other person for who they are when you don’t want to change even the little tiny details of regular habits. Except for the time when they place a wet towel on the bed. But acceptance is when you love it when they do it. Being selflessness is yet another dimension of a strong relationship. You receive a whole lot of love when you give love without any conditions.

Trusting your friend and healing the scars

True love is when the other person is your go-to friend, best friend, BFF, whatever name you may want to give them. Trusting them with your deepest fears and even the silliest apprehensions creates a bond which is unbreakable. The trust is developed over a period of time facilitates the healing of your past. True love makes you feel safe and protected with all the secrets. There is no ego, just a safe space between two people.

The best Companionship

This unbreakable bond between two people is more of companionship that a simple relation. It is strong, long lasting, fun and easy to be in. You share all your fears, travel plans, fool around, go through thick and thin, to celebrate happiness and share even the sad times.

It’s all about Teamwork and Communication

When two people are a team, they know when to step up and when to stay away for a while. The individuals are well aware of each others’ strengths and weaknesses and that knowledge make them a very exceptional team. A good component of this teamwork is clear communication involving absolutely no ego. Communication is very difficult for many couples as they aren’t able to express how they feel. Creating a safe space and keeping your ego aside is important for clear communication. Once that is achieved, teamwork comes naturally.

Usually, you get in a relationship with a person who is somehow different yet an extension of your true selves. A successful relationship is the reflection of true love and very few people are lucky to have found one. Stronger foundations, some period of time and openness to change, stability, newness can get you to a beautiful true love connection.


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