Sep 5, 2019

Transferrable Skills Analysis FAQ: Know More about The TSA

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Zoey was working as a nurse when she lost the job as an aftereffect of a workplace injury. She didn’t give up hope and underwent a Transferable Skills Analysis to know how she could work again. After the analysis and a chat with one of the Best Vocational Counselors California, she realized that she could work as a Nursing teacher or tutor. Now, she is working as a skilled trainer in a nurse training institute and is financially independent again. 

Zoey’s story teaches us how valuable Transferrable Skills Analysis Assessment could be. If you also like the idea of getting your transferrable skills analyzed, knowing the gaps and training at a Top Vocational Training Institute California, read on. Here an expert on Top Rated Return To Work Supplement Program California and a Vocational Counseling expert has answered some FAQ related to transferrable skills analysis!

Transferrable Skills Analysis FAQ: Know More about The TSA
Transferrable Skills Analysis FAQ: Know More about The TSA

Who Can Benefit from a Transferrable Skills Analysis?

Anyone from a fresh graduate to a career changer can benefit from a transferrable skills analysis to know which skills can be applied to get a job. They are an excellent addition to any resume as it can draw the focus of a recruiter and ensure that they don’t pay much attention to a career gap!

What are Transferrable Skills?

As the name is self-explanatory, transferrable skills are skills a person acquires through education, internships, jobs, or any kind of work experience, including the work done to managing a home. Transferrable skills can be hard skills like typing, proficiency in a global language to experience with computer programs. Transferrable skills can also be soft skills like communication, problem-solving, time management, etc. 

Why Should I Add Transferrable Skills to My Resume?

According to a Top Rated Return To Work Supplement Program California and a Vocational Counseling expert, these skills help you to catch the attention of employers and let them know what you will bring to the table if they select you. These skills are most valuable when you are switching careers. For instance, if you are a former teacher who wants to work as a customer service expert, you should share with the recruiter that you possess excellent communication and leadership skills that can be transferred from the classroom to your new job as a Customer Service agent!

Who Needs Transferable Skills the Most?

Adding transferrable skills to the resume can be beneficial for everyone, but they are vital for people with no work experience or people returning to the workforce by seeking entry into a different field. 

Where to Add Transferrable Skills in My Resume?

According to an expert, you should include the transferrable skills at the top of your resume and beneath the summary section. Mention them as Skills or Core Competencies. It would be smart to put them in a bulleted list as they will catch the eye and can be looked at by a recruiter easily. 

Can I Include Communication Skills as a Transferrable Skill?

Some of the core elements of communication skills are speaking, writing, listening, expressing ideas, offering feedback, facilitating group discussion, negotiation, editing, interviewing, perceiving nonverbal messages, reporting information, persuading others and describing feelings. 

Can I Add Research and Planning as Transferrable Skills?

Yes, research and planning are transferrable skills that are essential. If you are good at creating ideas, forecasting and predicting, identifying problems, looking for alternatives, gathering information, finding resources, solving problems, setting goals, extracting & analyzing information, defining requirements and creating strategies, do mention it on your resume. 

Are Human Relations Transferrable Skills?

Yes, your ability to listening to others, motivating & supporting them, cooperating, delegating, counseling, asserting, representing, perceiving feelings, conveying your feelings, being sensitive to others and sharing the credit of your success with others are all transferrable skills and highly valued. 

Even thinking critically, demonstrating curiosity, showing foresight, predicting shortfalls, thinking out of the box, making abstract connections or inferences and synthesizing ideas are amazing skills that can be shown off!

Are Organization, Leadership, and Management Skills Transferrable Skills?

Yes. All the skills that help you supervise, guide and direct other people are essential for most jobs. Some of the skills that can be highlighted are, initiating new ideas, managing teams, ensuring smooth cooperation, coaching, leading change, delegating tasks, multitasking abilities, decision making, punctuality, project management, time management, attention to detail, and the ability to organize things. 

Why Are Soft Skills As Important As Technical Skills?

If you opt for a Transferrable Skills Analysis, you will notice that soft skills would be analyzed along with technical skills. It is important because employers are not just looking for robots to handle technical work, they want people who can do the job in conjunction with other people and if necessary, lead them!

How Do I Know My Transferrable Skills?

There are several steps to knowing and then adding your transferrable to your resume. Though the Transferrable Skills Analysis Assessment is the direct route, there is an alternative route too. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Reflect on what you did in the previous jobs or what you learned at an educational institution. 
  • Focus on your natural strengths and character traits like punctuality, negotiation, etc. 
  • Think about the kind of job you want and which skills would help in acquiring and retaining the job. 
  • Add the skills craftily in the resume and make them look appealing. 

Michael’s Story

Michael was working as a freelance writer for 10 years. He wanted more job security and decided to work as a Digital Marketing Expert. He joined one of the Top Vocational Training Institute California and learned the ins and outs of digital marketing. He had not undergone a Transferable Skills Analysis Assessment, and he had no idea how his transferrable skills can help him to get a new job. The result, he was hired on the salary of a content writer and had to settle for a job that wasn’t as attractive as he wanted it to be. He had failed to highlight transferrable skills like time management on the resume and paid the price by not working in a dream job role. To avoid Michael’s mistake, always find out and highlight your transferrable skills effectively and use them as negotiation tools to demand the compensation and job role you hope for!

How to Demonstrate Transferrable Skills to My Resume?

The answer to this question is divided into several useful steps. Here they are:

Analyze the Job Description

Start by analyzing the job description and finding the keywords that are repeated in the job description. For instance, words like good communicator, skilled leader, project in-charge can be repeated multiple times in the job description of an Office Manager. Note these words on a notepad so that you don’t forget them or don’t have to go back to the job description again and again. 

Find the Match

The second step is to do a basic self-assessment or go in for a professional Transferrable Skills Analysis Assessment to know which transferrable skills you possess that match the job description listed in your preferred job. For instance, if they need a financial analyst and you have worked as an intern in a similar role, highlight your skills and knowledge like time management, detail-oriented attitude and the tendency to never give up. Only emphasize that facet of your previous experience or skills that can be relevant to the new job. 

Remember, at this stage; you might be tempted to add things that you can do instead of things you have already done. At such a time, you must learn to be as honest as possible, and you need to avoid bragging extensively or flat out lying about how you can contribute to the organization. Most lies would be detected during the interview or within a few days of you joining a new position, and you might be kicked out for that!

Add Transferrable Skills to Your Resume

Once you have a clear idea of what skills you possess that match the job requirements, you need to add them to your resume. You can add them to the summary, create a skills section, or even fit it in the resume bullet points. 

Aliyah’s Story

Aliyah worked as a Customer Support Specialist for a few months and had to resign due to a medical problem. When she developed the confidence to return to work with the help of the Best Vocational Counselors California, she decided to modify her resume to add the vital skills the recruiters were looking for in a Customer Support Specialist. 

Previously, a bullet point in her resume was something like this:

Answered questions raised by questions and helped with their problems. 

She changed it to:

Established and maintained positive relationships with clients by offering troubleshooting assistance and providing relevant answers to all questions. 

The latter made her resume more attractive, and she got the job with higher compensation and the same job responsibilities in a few weeks!

Be Creative

Customizing a resume is always a challenge. Make sure you come on top by removing all the doubts and portraying yourself in a good manner. Use your brains and be creative with words to come across as a confident job applicant who can nail the new job with ease. Don’t overdo it as that may lead to problems too. Mention all your transferrable skills in a simple and assertive manner. After that, you can just hope for the best!

Can I Develop New Transferrable Skills?

In case you don’t have the skills needed to do the job, you can always develop them. For instance, if you need to learn time management, there are many free online resources that can help you succeed. Just remember to give your best at all times and never stop learning!

Need to contact the best person for transferrable skills assessment, vocational counseling or for any help regarding return to work? Trust the team of Laura M. Wilson & Associates Inc. We do everything in our power to help you get back to work with confidence and skills!


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