Sep 24, 2019
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Transferrable Skills Analysis: Are Your Skills Transferrable

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Lisa knows that Transferrable Skills Analysis will help her get a job after a back injury due to long hours at work. But she doesn’t know which of her skills are transferrable, and hence will be useful in the new job and which skills are simply not useful. If you are in a similar situation, you should know which skills are transferrable before you go in for a Transferrable Skills Analysis Assessment. Here are 4 steps that might help. 

Transferrable Skills Analysis_ Are Your Skills Transferrable

Analyze the Job Requirements

The first step is always to analyze the job requirement or job description to know what an employer is seeking. Many soft and hard skills will be mentioned there. For instance, knowledge of WordPress, Drupal, time management, problem-solving, and organizational skills could be mentioned in the job description for a web developer. 

Match the Skills 

Match your skills with those mentioned in the job description, and you’ll do fine. It will help you decide which skills are transferrable and which are not. If you want, you can take the help of one of the Best Vocational Counselors California to help you at this stage. Match as many skills as possible to ensure your probability of clearing the interview increases. But remember not to brag or lie at this stage. 

Seek Help

If you are ready to return to work after taking the assistance of a Top-Rated Return To Work Supplement Program California, make sure you talk to some people who are currently working in your preferred industry to get an idea of which skills are in demand. Sometimes, getting an insider’s opinion is better than just matching your skills with a job description as it gives you an extra edge. 

Brush Up the General Skills

In case you want to go a step further or you wish to apply for different jobs in multiple industries, you can just brush up your general skills like critical thinking, creativity, communication, coordination, time management, etc. These skills will be present in almost all job descriptions and might make you an appealing candidate. 

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