The journey to return to work is not an easy one. You might need some time to recover after an injury and take help of aids like a return to Work Voucher California or Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit California. If you have done that upgraded your skills and you think you are ready to return to work then wait and ask yourself, are you making the top mistake made by people planning to return to work?

The mistake that most people make while planning to return to work is that they don’t do anything to boost their confidence. Yes, a lack of confidence can become a big hindrance when it comes to returning to work. Some common problems that occur when you return to work without adequate confidence are:

  • You might be compelled to return to work to a job that you dislike or detest. 
  • You might agree to a work that is beyond your physical capabilities.
  • You might be willing to work at a lower compensation rate than you deserve.
  • You might agree to things you are not skilled at.
  • You might not be able to demonstrate your skills well.
  • You might fail to leave a good impression in the minds of the recruiter or the management.

If you want to avoid the top mistake made by people planning to return to work, then here are a few simple tips that would help you. 

Seek a Connection: Try to connect to the recruiter and not impress him or her. When you build a rapport, you will be less nervous and feel more confident. 

Try Deep Breaths: Try slow and deep breathing just before an interview to calm down your nerves and appear more confident in a return to the work job interview. 

Show Your Best Self: Don’t be arrogant but do recall your best traits and skills. Share all your soft and hard skills as recruiters would judge you by what you have to offer. 

Visualize the Best: In case you feel anxious, visualize yourself as getting a job you love at the pay you want. See yourself succeed every day to boost your confidence. 

Rehearse Beforehand: Just before an interview, rehearse for an interview with a friend or one of the Best Vocational Counselors California. It will boost your confidence when you have prepared for most interview questions in advance. 

Got more ideas? Feel free to share them in the comments. Meanwhile, connect with the team of Laura M. Wilson & Associates Inc. to boost your return to work progress. We offer everything from access to Best Vocational Counselors California and expert witness declaration California to make your return to work journey easier and fill you with undiluted confidence. Call us for a free consult now!