Vocational rehabilitation is an ongoing process that benefits a job seeker only if he or she picks the right vocational rehabilitation counselor. If you need the services of such a counselor to return to work after an injury or an accident, you must know that the journey won’t be easy. Hence, you should prepare yourself physically and mentally. 

Also, you should access the support of the counselor to ensure that you are getting the right assistance and guidance. If you need the answer to- signs you have found right vocational rehabilitation counselor, the following tips will help you. 

Listens to You

The first sign that says you have found a good counselor is that he or she will listen to you and know your case history in detail. It will prove that the counselor is really interested in your past, present progress and your future life goals. 

Creates Customized Plans

A good counselor will also create customized plans after knowing your career goals. He or she will not follow the one size fits all approach but would help you carve a unique path that leads to re-employment. 

Highlights the Obstacles

The counselor will also be deft in highlighting obstacles that might prevent you from reaching the goals. For instance, he or she will tell you whether your skills are limited or whether you lack confidence during interviews. 

Turns the Negatives into Positives

After highlighting the obstacles, a vocational rehab counselor will work with you to turn the negatives into positives. For instance, if your IT skills are not upgraded, the counselor might ask you to undergo skills training or re-educate yourself. 

Measures Your Success

A good vocational rehab counselor will also measure your success by conducting different tests or mock interviews. It will also help you to prepare for a job interview. 

Helps You Find a Job

A counselor would also help you find the right job by telling you about the job openings in the industry you prefer. Sometimes, the counselor might help you to get re-employed with your previous employer only!

Follows Up!

Even when you get a job, the counselor will be there for you to help you fit in the new role and support you when you need a confidence boost. 

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