Feb 21, 2019
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Laura M. Wilson & Associates Inc. is Proud to be Associated with CARES

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Laura M. Wilson, the founder of Laura M. Wilson & Associates Inc., was added to the CARES Board members recently. This association is another feather on the cap for Laura because she wants to help the community in the best possible manner and this new association is allowing her to do just the same.

Laura M. Wilson & Associates Inc. is Proud to be Associated with CARES

This association begins with effects from January 2019.

CARES (The Medical Center Auxiliary for Recruitment, Education, and Services) is a nonprofit corporation that is dedicated to serving the patients and their families as well. The areas catered by the organization are the University of Southern California Medical Center and Los Angeles County. It offers volunteer services and financial support to ensure that patients get some comfort during the hospital stay and get access to quality health care.

The nonprofit corporation also organizes several sponsors events to promote medical or health education, operates several hospital shops and supports programs which offer comfort items to patients and provides patient visitation. Decorating patient care areas and providing clothing to discharged patients are also a few ways of providing care.

Another Board Member was added to CARES, Mona Ysabal, a retired employee of LAC+USD Medical center and USC and a member of the Latino Comp. Thanks to these new associations, the nonprofit corporation expects 2019 to be a very busy year given the fact that many projects are in the works. The information on the activities will be shared with the fans over the year.

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