Dec 16, 2019
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How to Make the Most of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

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Vocational Rehabilitation Services are essential for people who have a physical or mental disability that has restricted them from fulfilling their return to the work dream. If you are among such individuals and you want to make the most of every opportunity, then you must read on. Here we have simply summarized how to make the most of vocational rehabilitation services.

How to Make the Most of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Set a Goal

If you want to make the most of vocational rehabilitation services, your key goal should be to prepare for and improve yourself for employment or in most cases, return to work. When you have a clear goal in sight, it will help you to stay focused, and you won’t give up easily. 

Check the Eligibility

Vocational Rehabilitation Services are only offered to people who meet the eligibility criteria. So, you need to check whether you meet those criteria or not. For instance, you should be able to prove that you have a physical or mental impairment that blocks you from being employed or re-employed. It would also be good if you can prove that VR services will help you to be employable. Remember, all eligible people don’t get access to VR services. Priority is given to people who have significant disabilities. 

Get an Individualized Plan

When you get access to Vocational Rehabilitation Services, the focus should be on making the most of your vocational counselors’ skills and abilities. You should ask the counselor to come up with an IPE that benefits you. For those who don’t know IPE stands for Individualized Plan for Employment and outlines a plan of action on how you can re-skill, re-educate and re-train yourself to be employable. It might also include information on which jobs you can apply for despite your physical or mental restrictions. 

Use the Service for as Long as Possible

As a part of the VR service, you should seek different sub-services like assessment service to assess your skills & abilities, counseling services to prepare you for a job and other job assistance services like interview preparation or job search help. Ask the counselor what services he or she offers and seek all of them for as long as possible. 

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