Corona Virus of COVID-19 is the most significant health emergency we have faced in modern times. With over 7 lakh cases, 30,000 deaths and over 1 lakh cases in the US alone (at the time of writing this article), the pandemic is scaring people to stay home and practice social distancing. If you are curious about how coronavirus is intensely changing the work culture, especially in the US, then do read on. 

Remote Working is In: Many employees now prefer to work from home and employers who care for their employees have agreed to it. Some companies are providing all the necessary tools and equipment to the employees’ location. It ensures that the employee can remain as productive as the person is when they are in the office. 

Technology is Helping: Technology is helping employees and employers to stay connected. In-person meetings have moved to the virtual world, thanks to technological inventions like video conferencing. Also, emails are ensuring that teams work as seamlessly as ever, and internal processes are followed with consistency. 

No Walk-Ins: As social distancing is becoming a new necessity, walk-in customers are no longer entertained by businesses. The customers can still contact the companies via email, chat or phone. But limiting the human touch is the need of the hour. 

Limited Deliveries: Most businesses have postponed deliveries that are not urgent. Some businesses have chosen to route the direct mail and deliveries to PO box for a while. It ensures that the spread of corona virus through a surface (the delivery box) or human contact (via the delivery person) can be controlled. 

Customer Commitment is Still the Same: For most businesses, the level of customer commitment is still the same as every customer is provided with the answers to their questions and the best possible customer service level during the tough times. So, the customers should also trust the companies to take care of the customers while they take care of their employees as well. 

The team of Laura M. Wilson & Associates Inc. is following all these precautions and will continue to do so to ensure the spread of COVID-19 can be controlled. We will also continue to provide our clients with the best possible support that helps them to move further on the path that leads them to return to work. Read about all our precautions over here.