Vocational rehabilitation services are essential to help people with any disability, be it physical, cognitive and psychological. These services aim to help an individual return to work and be independent again. Usually, a vocational rehabilitation counselor is there to help people and ensure that they get the best possible assistance by using his or her experience, qualifications and abilities. By highlighting the role of a vocational rehabilitation counselor, here we have tried to explain many ways a counselor can help you so that you can seek the right assistance from the beginning.
Using Different Counseling Methods

Vocational rehabilitation services counselors would be aware of different types of disability studies and would have knowledge of psychosocial challenges someone might face. They use this knowledge to provide individual counselling, family counseling and group counseling. They also access if and when intervention is needed and take on that responsibility often. 

Using Different Evaluation Techniques

As the key goal of the vocational counselor is to help an individual to be employed again, he or she often uses different evaluation techniques like transferable skill assessment to judge the job-related skills and abilities of a person. Counselors also have to keep updated on the medical evaluation of a person to be sure whether a person is physically and mentally strong enough to do a job. Sometimes, psychological evaluations are done by the counselor as well. 

Finding Effects of Disabilities

There are several physical, mental and emotional effects on disability. As a part of vocational rehabilitation services, a counselor would find out the effects of these disabilities and would suggest how a job environment can be modified to make it bearable for the disabled person. For instance, if a person cannot lift weights but wants to work in the construction industry, the vocational counselor would suggest that he or she should try for a desk job. 

Using Existing and New Resources

Vocational rehab counselors are usually very skilled at forming new relationships to expand their personal and professional network and have access to more resources. Then, they use these resources to help a person seeking counseling to get a new job. As employers usually don’t want to hire a person with a disability, the counselor would convince the employer by luring them with options like tax credits offered to employers who hire wounded or disabled veterans. 

Being There till the End

A smart and responsible vocational rehab counselor will be there till the time a person gets the job. Even then, he or she would follow up to ensure that the job is all it was promised to be, and the employer is keeping his or her word. Only when a counselor is 100% sure that the individual would take it from there, the counselor will close the case. 

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