Eligibility for Voucher If You Don’t Accept Modified Work

by | Oct 31, 2020 | RTWSP

Many people ask the question of whether they are eligible for a Return to Work Voucher in California if they don’t accept a modified or alternative job from their employer. If you also have this question on the top of your mind and you want to know the true and hard facts, then read on. The advice we have shared here is unbiased and would let you know where you stand.

The simplest answer to if you will be eligible for a Return to Work Voucher in California if you don’t accept an alternative or modified job offer from your employer is no. Suppose you were injured between January 1, 2004, to December 31. In that case, 2012, and the employer sends you a modified or alternative work option in a time span of 30 days of the last temporary disability payment (also known as TD payment) and the offer meets some basic requirements then you cannot say no to it and expect to get a return to Work Voucher in California.


You can say no to the job offer and receive the Return to Work Voucher in California if the job offer that has been made doesn’t meet the following criteria:

  • The job should be a regular position that lasts for 12 months or higher
  • You should be able to perform the key functions of the job
  • The job should be located within a reasonable commuting distance of your home at the time you were injured

Rules from January 2013 Onwards

The rules regarding making a modified or alternate work job offer are different after January 2013. If you were injured after this date, the employer would need to make an offer of regular, alternative or modified work within 60 days after the receipt by the claims administrator of the Return to Work and voucher report submitted by a physician. The offer should also meet the criteria mentioned above.

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