Dec 24, 2019
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Christmas Day Celebrations 2019- All You Need to Know

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Christmas is one of the most awaited festivals that is celebrated with enthusiasm across the world. It brings people together and helps people to reunite with family members. This auspicious day marks the birth of Jesus Christ. He is believed to be the son of God by the Christians. 

Christmas Day Celebrations 2019- All You Need to Know

The Significance of the Name

The name Christmas comes from Mass of Christ. A mass service is where Christians remember that Jesus died for humans and then came back to life. The Christ-mass service was unique as it was allowed to take place after sunset and before the sunrise the next day. People had it at midnight. The name Christ-Mass was later shortened to Christmas. Now, it’s a popular festival that is celebrated even by non-Christians. The first time Christmas was celebrated on December 25 in 336, according to the records. It was done during the time of the first Christian Roman Emperor, Constantine. 

The Logical Explanation

Though some people don’t agree that December 25 is the day Jesus was born. For instance, people who follow the Julian Calendar do it on 7th January. It is a fact that the day Mary was told that she would have a baby or the Annunciation is on March 25th as per early Christian tradition. So, December 25 should logically be the day of Christ’s birth as its nine months after that date. 

Unique Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Enjoy Good Food

Prepare good and healthy food for your family and friends instead of just ordering it online. The gesture of cooking for your loved ones will be appreciated and will bring you closer to everyone once again. 

Bake it Up

If you find baking relaxing, bake a cake, pies, or some cookies for your loved ones. The kids will love this sweet surprise. Bake more than your estimate as people tend to overindulge during the holidays!


One of the noblest ways of celebrating Christmas is to donate something to those in need so they can also have a merry Christmas. To make it personal, buy a gift for the people in need or, better yet, make it yourself. 

Do Some DIY

Everyone can buy products at a click these days. Do something unique by making the gifts for your loved ones from scratch. There are a lot of DIY articles and videos online that can help you. You just need a bit of time and patience. 

Plan a Relaxing Trip

Most people get so busy with Christmas preparations that they work like crazy. You can choose to relax on Christmas by planning a trip to a local spa or just taking a walk with your loved ones in the nearby park!

Reconnect with People

Make Christmas an excuse to connect with people you love but aren’t in touch with, be it an old college friend or a distant relative you haven’t spoken to in years. 

Let Go of the Past

Pledge to forget old grudges and forgive people. It will make your life better, as holding onto anger or resentment might make you unhealthy. 

Improve Yourself

Kick a bad habit this Christmas and adopt a good one. Do it every year, and you’d do a lot to contribute to your overall health and well-being. 


If you can’t donate money or gifts for some reason, volunteer to make the lives of underprivileged people better. 

Spend Time with Lonely People 

If you have a neighbor who spends her Christmas alone, you can share your joy with him or her. You can also visit an orphanage or a Senior Care Facility to be with people who have no one to call their own!


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