Fear and self-doubt are quite common among people who wish to return to work. Often, they seek the help of Best Vocational Counselors California, which is a smart move. If you also want to get over self-doubt and be more confident when you return to work, you need to focus on a couple of common fears people have when they return to work. Some of the common return to work fears are listed here.

Am I Ready?

People who take the assistance of Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit California or return to Work Voucher California to get back to work often doubt whether they are ready to return to work or not. A vocational counselor would refute this fear by listing the reasons why you are job-ready. He or she will mention why you are fit for the new job and would boost your self- confidence.

Am I Capable?

Being capable is essential for taking on any job role. But people who have been injured on the job often wonder whether they would be able to fit in the last job role or take on a new role with ease or not. A vocational counselor would again focus on your skills and abilities (not just hard skills but soft skills, too). When the skills and abilities are listed, you will feel ready to return to work with ease.

Will I Get Support?

Getting support from an employer is the best thing you can do when it comes to returning to work. But, if, for some reason, your manager, supervisor or HR is reluctant to have you on board, a vocational counselor will be there to offer support. You can depend on the support for some time until you blend in with the company and get skilled at your new job.

What If I Can’t Do Something?

Though employers expect most people to be multi-taskers and take on multiple job duties, people who have been injured on the job or are not 100% physically capable can find it hard to work beyond their job scope. If this is your fear, one of the Best Vocational Counselors California, would share several tactics you can use to avoid the work that can harm your physical or mental health. For instance, when a colleague asks you to do something you can’t, you can politely refuse him or her and show your doctor’s prescription to substantiate your claim.

Will I be Able to Fit In?

Fitting into the new job role is a big challenge for people who are returning to their previous job and to the people who are returning to work at a new company. If you belong to the former category, the vocational counselor would suggest that you connect with your former boss or colleagues before you rejoin the company. If you are joining a new company, then too you can connect with your team members online on professional networks to know them better!

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