December 31 is New Year’s Eve as it is the last day of a year, according to the Georgian calendar. The New Year celebrations have been there even before Christianity. The festivities were quite popular in Europe at that time. When Christianity was adopted in Christianity, people merged the festivity with Christian beliefs, and soon New Year’s Eve and New Year celebrations were marked as holidays. 

No, New Year’s Eve is celebrated on December 31 only by people who follow the Georgian calendar. People who follow Hindu, Jewish, Chinese, Coptic, or Islamic calendars don’t believe that the New Year’s Eve is on December 31 every year. Yet, many people of different religions celebrate this date as New Year’s Eve to follow the trend. 

8 Exciting Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

If you do celebrate the New Year’s Eve on December 31, here are 8 exciting ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve. 

Have a Happy Meal at Home

If you like cooking, you can invite friends and family members to your home and have an elaborate dinner. In case you don’t cook that well, you can have a potluck and challenge people to cook a dish they wouldn’t cook usually. It offers a variety of tastes and foods during the celebration. 

Go for Wine Tasting

In case you like wines (who doesn’t), you can organize a small wine tasting session at home. Call in a local wine expert to make things more formal. If for some reason, you can’t have wine, you can hold a tasting event for beer, chocolate, cheese or any other food items you are fascinated by. 

Cherish Your Memories

If you like taking pictures, you can create a slide show of the memories of the last few years and watch them with your loved ones. In the case of videos, you can create your family movie too. Make sure you have every member of the family and some popcorn to keep everyone entertained when you take a stroll down the memory lane.  

Play Some Games

You can organize a game tournament and relive your childhood and please your kids by playing games like monopoly or hide and seek. If you want, you can offer a prize to the winner. Just be fair and make sure you have good-natured competition. 

Organize a Pajama Dance Party

Those of you who are away from family but closer to friends can organize a pajama dance party. Put a list of your favorite songs together and dance away the night. Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures or make fun videos to cherish the memory forever!

Go Outdoors

People who prefer outdoor celebrations more than indoor celebrations should plan an outdoor activity like a picnic or a hike. It will ensure that you spend some quality time with the people you love. Just take enough snacks with you to keep things exciting. 

Attend a Religious Service

Thank the god for the previous year’s blessings and pray that the new year brings peace and prosperity too. It will hardly take a few minutes but will fill your heart and soul with contentment and happiness. 

Try Some Volunteering

In case you can’t be with your loved ones for some reason during the New Year’s Eve, there’s something you can do that’s better than sitting in front of a TV. You can volunteer your time at a local NGO event or senior care home. It will help you please people, and you will get a lot of satisfaction from their smiles!

No matter which activity or activities you pick, make sure you enjoy every moment with the people you cherish. It will multiply your fun. The team of Laura M. Wilson & Associates Inc. wishes you a Happy New Year!