When you return to work after a gap, you may face some harsh questions from the recruiters. One of the Best Vocational Counselors California recently shared smart ways to answer the harsh questions without losing your self-confidence. Have a look. 

Many people prefer to work with a new employer after a workplace injury, and they even undergo transferable skills analysis assessment to ensure that they have the skills needed by the new organization. Even if you do that, you might be asked why hasn’t your previous employer hired you. You can be honest here and tell them that you decided not to work with them because it might bring bad memories back. In case your previous employer doesn’t want you to re-join because of your limited capabilities, share that too. There’s no point in hiding things as the recruiter would find out the truth during the background check stage. 

Why You Left Your Last Job?

According to the Best Vocational Counselors California, you should share your medical documentation at this stage to prove that you faced a workplace injury and were not fit enough to work. This is enough to eliminate all doubts regarding your willingness to return to work. 

Are You Skilled Enough?

Recruiters only want skilled people so if you had acquired any new skills when you were on a break, mention them. In case you got a transferable skills analysis assessment done, mention your transferable skills and outline how those skills can help you attain success in the new role. 

Do You Have Commitment Problems?

If you have had many career breaks due to your injury, the recruiter might perceive it as your aversion to commitment. In such a scenario, you need to prove that you are motivated and dedicated. It can be done by providing a strong reference, a person you have worked with for years or letting the recruiter talk with your previous boss to learn how efficiently you did your job. 

Are Your References Genuine?

To prove that your references are genuine, talk about the people you have mentioned as references, and how and where you met them. If you don’t have many references, you can include your doctors and even the Best Vocational Counselors California you have been seeing in the reference section. These people will understand your pain and communicate the same effect with the recruiter. 

What Did You Do During the Gap?

Be absolutely honest here. Mention whether you seek the assistance of Top Rated Return To Work Supplement Program California, learned a new skill, took an online course of volunteered somewhere. All these show your willingness to learn and your ability to not wasting time. 

Will I Regret My Decision of Hiring You?

This is the most crucial question. Here you need to convince the recruiter that you are really willing to return to work. Mention the results or your Transferable Skills Analysis or share your previous successes with the recruiter. Talk about how you can help the organization to earn money or save money as these are always the key goals of every recruiter. Also, share how much you like the new job role and how you plan to get started with the job. Layout the best in you and convince the recruiter that they can’t find someone better than you. 

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