Vocational rehabilitation services are a boon for employees who have suffered an on the job injury and have left their job for a while or were unable to continue their job due to it. The services aim to help people be employable again so that they can be financially independent and be confident once again. 

If you want to make the most of vocational rehabilitation services, you should know these 5 things. 

Employers Can Request Vocational Rehabilitation

It is a myth that only an injured employee has to or can seek VR services. The truth is that an employer can also seek these services for a current or ex-employee. It is usually done when an employee is an asset and hard to replace by the employer. In some cases, the employer can also bear the expense of such services. 

An Injured Employee Can Request It Too

In case an injured employee is unable to perform his or her previous duties and needs the assistance of a VR counsellor to be able to learn new skills to do a job, he or she can seek VR services. Remember, a medical professional like the treating physician and rehabilitation specialist must back the claim for it to be viable. Also, an employer can be asked to pay for the VR services. 

Vocational Rehabilitation Has Many Sub-Services

Vocational rehabilitation services have many sub-services that help a person to be employable and independent again. Which of these sub-services one needs depends on person to person. For instance, if you are unable to assess your skills, the sub-service skills assessment would be vital for you. In contrast, if you have a problem in facing interviews, the sub-service, interview preparation might be the right one for you. 

Vocational Rehabilitation Services Benefits All

VR services are a good thing as they benefit all. They help a person to boost his or her self-confidence by making him or her capable of getting a job and being financially independent. It helps an employer by allowing the previous employee return to work which often saves recruitment costs and several potential losses. It helps society as a whole as the dependence on govt. provided benefits reduce and more and more people contribute to society and the economy. 

You Must Seek Value for Money While Opting for Vocational Rehabilitation Services 

As vocational rehabilitation services cost money, a person availing them should always seek value for money. It can be done by being open to learning new things, being in touch with the vocational counsellor and sticking to the path laid out by the VR counsellor to help you get back to work. If you miss appointments or don’t learn, you will waste money, which is never a smart thing to do. 

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