As of 25th March 2020, the Corona Virus situation is quite scary. There are 375,498 confirmed cases across the world, 16,362 confirmed deaths and 196 countries, areas, or territories with cases according to the World Health Organization. If you are stuck at home due to this pandemic and you want to do something better than binge-watching TV shows then here are 5 productive ways to spend time during corona virus pandemic.

Learn a New Skill

The simplest and the smartest way to pass the time during Corona Virus pandemic is to learn a new skill. You can learn a new IT skill, a new language or something else that interests you and can help you to be more employable. 

Update Yourself on Industry Knowledge

If you are skilled, qualified and still can’t go to work due to COVID-19, you can make the most of the free time by enhancing your industry knowledge. For instance, if you work in the recruitment sector, learn about the recruitment scenario at the moment, future predictions and how the pandemic will affect the recruitment industry as a whole. 

Try Self Employment Methods

Staying at home due to coronavirus doesn’t mean that you have to remain unemployed or have no sources of income. You can explore self-employment methods like giving online tuition, starting a blog or chasing freelancing opportunities. You never know, your services might help you to earn a steady source of income over time. 

Explore Employment Opportunities

We know that you can’t go out and look for a job or do that in limits due to COVID -19. So, we suggest that you should explore employment opportunities from home. You can visit the websites of your dream companies and upload your resume on their websites. You can also explore new job search engines to find a job that suits your skills and abilities. 

Think About Counselling

In case you have lost your job unexpectedly, and you need help in getting employed again, you can think of seeking counseling. A professional would be able to highlight your skills and abilities better and would help you to confidently look for a better job after the coronavirus is eliminated. 

The team of Laura M. Wilson & Associates Inc. hopes that all of you remain safe and healthy!