World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June to boost worldwide awareness and take actions regarding environment protection. If you are concerned about the environment and want to protect it, you should learn about 15 simple things you can pledge on World Environment Day 2019.

15 Things You Can Pledge on World Environment Day 2019

  1. Smoking is a bad habit you should kick off today. It not only harms your body, but it also harms people around you and the environment, especially if you discard cigarette buts on the ground.
  2. Use less electricity not only to save on power bills but also to save the environment as a whole. You can start this change by switching off the switches at home when not in use.
  3. You should start by going paperless and asking your service providers to send statements, notices, and updates via emails and not paper letters.
  4. It is wise to stop using plastic water bottles as they harm the environment. If you must carry a water bottle, carry one that is made of materials like stainless steel and can be refilled and washed.
  5. Reduce your gas consumption by opting for methods like carpooling or walking a few blocks to the office, if it’s feasible.
  6. Make use of one among the several recycling facilities when you want to get rid of electronics and batteries. Don’t just throw them in the trash.
  7. Invest in energy-saving items like LED bulbs. They may cost a lot initially, but they have a good ROI.
  8. Reduce carbon footprint by using a microwave whenever possible.
  9. Consume everything from your clothes to your furniture for as long as you can. Don’t just buy new things just because you are bored with the old ones.
  10. Send e-greetings and e-cards to your loved ones instead of paper cards and greetings as the former is environment-friendly.
  11. Don’t use plastic, Styrofoam, or paper cups. Replace them with ceramic cups that can be used repeatedly for years.
  12. Only print something when it’s necessary. Otherwise, read and follow the instructions by using the screen of your computer device.
  13. Start using reusable bags like cloth bags to get rid of plastic bags from your life.
  14. Buy local fresh produce whenever possible from local farmer’s market as they are healthier and consume less energy in creation and transportation than processed foods.
  15. Sweet water is getting depleted day by day. Make sure you do your part in saving it by using it smartly and fixing leaks.

Final Words

By making small changes in your life, you can do a lot to protect the environment. Planting trees and playing an active role in the anti-pollution measure we would also like to suggest to everyone who is thinking of saving the environment on World Environment Day 2019.

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