Laura M. Wilson & Associates, Inc. is a bilingual, leading Vocational Return-To-Work Counseling (VRTWC) firm, providing return-to-work Vocational services to injured workers for over 18 years.

We specialize in Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits (SJDB) Voucher Counseling Services, Return-To-Work-Fund Benefits, Vocational Research, Transferable Skills Analysis and Expert Witness Testimony, Best Vocational Counselors California. Through the identification of suitable, gainful Vocational training, our Vocational counselors work directly with attorneys, insurance companies, schools and agencies to provide individual Vocational rehabilitation counseling services, which include counseling, Vocational exploration, labor market & school research, plan development, monitoring, and job placement. Contact Top Vocational Training Institute California

Laura M Wilson

Laura Wilson, Owner

Laura is a leading Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, providing return-to-work services and enriching both Spanish and English speaking injured workers’ lives through growth, support and knowledge for over 17 years.

Mauricio Rivera, Medical Review Analyst

Mauricio is the office’s medical reviewer and, as a part of this team has achieved 3 years of quality experience in the Workers’ Compensation Field. He helps retrieve and review medical records for our valued clients and ensure that all pertinent information is included in the final Vocational Rehabilitation Expert Report. Mauricio is also a veteran having completed 10 years in the United States Army as a Staff Sergeant. He was in command of a squad of Infantrymen during Combat Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, respectively. He has an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology from Columbia College at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and has recently certified as a Medical-Biller/Coder.
We are extremely proud to have him aboard as part of our team and thank him greatly for his service.

Mauricio Rivera, Medical Review Analyst
Valeria Martinez, Records/Reports Analyst

Valeria Martinez, Records/Reports Analyst

Valeria has been with LMWA for over 5 years reviewing medical reports and more recently working alongside Ms. Wilson on Vocational Expert Reports and Job Analysis. Valeria attends CAAA chapter meetings, conventions, and seminars in an effort to provide better insight directly to our clients and injured workers. Having worked legal arena since 2006 her experience spans both the legal and medical areas where she gained an invaluable amount of knowledge in Family, Immigration, Criminal and Workers Compensation Law. She also attends Rio Hondo College to enhance her education with an Associate Degree in Administrative Assistance.

Rebecca Gonzalez, Voucher Case Manager

Rebecca is our Voucher Case Manager and began her career with LMWA as a Vocational Expert Case Manager. She is very well-rounded & knowledgeable in the company as well as the industry. Rebecca has worked in the legal arena for 5 years in several fields including Criminal and Workers Compensation Law. She is currently attending Long Beach City College for her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

Rebecca Gonzalez, Voucher Case Manager
Maria Noris, Account Administrator

Maria Noris, Account Administrator

Maria has been with LMWA for six years as an Account Administrator. She has been in the workers’ compensation industry since 1999. Maria takes pride in her work and truly enjoys being a part of the team and assisting injured workers in developing their new career paths.

Brenda C. Quirarte, Front Office Representative

Brenda is our front office representative and the newest member to the Laura M. Wilson & Associates team. She schedules appointments, welcomes and greets clients and visitors to the department in a manner that is very helpful and friendly;determines purpose of visit and directs them to the appropriate person or department. Her main goal isensuring that all interactions between administration, employees, clients and outside services run as smoothly as possible. Brenda also provides necessary information to clients, law offices, and insurance companies according to the LMWA policies and procedures.She is currently attending ELAC and majoring in Criminal Justice.

Brenda C. Quirarte, Front Office Representative
Stacy Sandoval, Vocational Expert Representative

Stacy Sandoval, Vocational Expert Representative

Stacy is new to the Workers Compensation Industry, she works in the Vocational Expert Department but is eager to learn all aspects of the industry. Stacy is currently a student at SCSI interpretation school to become a certified court interpreter and has learned how much that skill is needed amongst the Hispanic community. Stacy has a passion for helping others and enjoys being part of the team.

Nonnie Mata, Marketing Representative

Nonnie is the marketing representative for Laura M. Wilson & Associates. She has been in the Workers Comp field for over 25 years. She loves meeting new people in the Work Comp community and truly enjoys assisting clients.

Nonnie Mata, Marketing Representative
Sara Espinoza, Administrative Assistant

Sara Espinoza, Voucher Case Assistant

Sara has been with LMW for 3 years, starting as a file clerk and working her way up to administrative assistant. Sara works in both the Vocational Expert and Voucher departments, as well as assisting Ms. Wilson with marketing and other necessary projects. Sara enjoys working at LMW and helping injured workers. On Sara’s free time she enjoys spending time with her children and family.

Koritza Moreno, Bilingual Case Manager

Koritza is one of our newest employees here at LMW and works as a bilingual Case Manager. She recently graduated from UCLA with a BA in Sociology and has three Associate’s degrees. She is very familiar with research from her previous education, making her knowledgeable in helping injured workers find a school that works best for them. Koritza takes delight in assisting and interacting with her clients. On her free time she enjoys spending time with her dogs.

Jennifer Flores, Vouchers Department

Jennifer recently joined the Vouchers Department with a lot of energy and friendliness, she’s a quick learner and a great team player. Jennifer’s also bilingual and one of her best qualities is that she’s respectful; treats everyone, including LMW clients with courtesy, kindness, deference, dignity, and civility. She is currently a student at WLAC and is working on her Paralegal/Legal Assistance Certificate, she also holds a BA degree in Criminal Justice. Jennifer’s manta is expect nothing and appreciate everything.

Steven Quiroz, Case Assistant

As a new employee to the workman’s compensation industry, Mr. Quiroz has adapted to this field quite well. His exceptional problem-solving skills, knowledge and compassion toward the injured worker have made him a kind of “swiss army knife.” of Laura M. Wilson & Associates. He is currently studying to obtain his B.S. in Computer Science at California State University Long Beach and is helping the company grow. His hobbies include: Playing basketball, working on software development projects and eating burritos.